Mywork seeks to create tension between what is visible and what is visibly hidden. In a desire to see what is obscured, the mind is left to fill the gaps. Through the dismantling of one’s perception, a dignity or importance is reclaimed to the information we can’t fully see but can only imagine. 
“Lacerations”, or rips and tears, of the surface play an important role in my current work. It symbolizes a yearning or a desire to acknowledge what lingers behind the images we see. It is a rebellion against face value. Through the use of advertising photography, I peel back layers to reveal painterly marks that convey a feeling or emotion. An energetic signature is embedded in each brush stroke transcending the conversation beyond what an image can capture. In a world saturated with images and instant gratification, my work is an invitation to re-calibrate our role as a viewer. To become an active viewer, taking in a perception that engages beyond a surface. 
For me, paint represents the physical world and paper represents the world of information. Emails, google docs, webpages, powerpoints, etc. are representations of paper and vice versa. The painterly gestures in my work communicate something relevant yet unattainable with words or images.
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