Gold Addy, Print, 2018

Many pregnant women don’t feel attractive during their pregnancy. Body image and self esteem can even lead to depression. We created a campaign that made women feel beautiful in moments that would typically make them feel miserable. I hired a photographer to work under my Art Direction. The setting, background, props, hair, make up, pose, clothing and just about everything you see was a decision made by me. 
AD: Chelsea Tijerina
Photographer: Tony Redmer 

I came up with this idea while working with 2 other people. We picked our favorite dolls then decided to divide and conquer. I disco'd the shit out of Mr.Potato Head and bought a ton of fake hair, make up and glittery stuff to make it happen. Everything you see was hand-crafted by me at 2am on my dinning room table. Still think this is my best work.
Mr. Potato Head: Chelsea Tijerina
My Little Pony: Claire Glover
Ms. Telephone: Carolina Trevino
Many gamers are starting to consider using other websites like Youtube to stream content. Streamers need a big engaged audience to thrive & Twitch has an audience larger than some can fathom. Our mission was to make gamers feel how big it is to stream on Twitch.
AD; Chelsea Tijerina
CW: Johnny Moseley

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